Top Reasons People Use WordPress Plugins On Their Website


Before giving the top reasons you must use WordPress plugins on your website, we believe it is essential to know what is a WordPress plugin. And then, share the benefit of having a WordPress plugin for your website. WordPress is the largest website builder platform with the most plugins at the moment.


What is a WordPress plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a line of code added to a WordPress website to improve the functionality of the site. As the terms stated, a plugin is an external source of code with easy integration on your WordPress website to increase users’ experience; and perform an additional task that is not initially available on your WordPress template. Although, many plugins are free you might also see some plugins for purchase called premium plugins.


5 Benefits of using WordPress plugins on your website:

1- WordPress Plugins for All

If you are looking for features such as:

  1. Adding Contact Forms.
  2. Search Engine Optimization Management.
  3. WordPress Email Marketing.
  4. Booking and Scheduling.
  5. WordPress Ecommerce Plugin.
  6. Add Live Chat Capabilities.
  7. WordPress Theme Upgrades.
  8. WordPress Content Management System.
  9. Google Analytics WordPress.

Then, WordPress is the perfect website builder platform for your website. Most websites have one or all of these options to increase their leads and improve their user’s experience.

Nonetheless, if you need more plugins and you don’t know how it will affect your website. It is time to hire a WordPress professional web developer. A great WordPress professional web developer will be able to customize your website to meet your business needs on your website.

There is also an additional reason why it’s good to hire an expert on a WordPress web design. A wrong plugin or installation of the plugin can affect the full functionality of your website. An expert on WordPress template design will use the proper plugin without affecting your website functionality.

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2- Free or Low WordPress Pricing

WordPress pricing is the best on the market when it comes to building a website or adding multiple plugins to your website. Developing a function from scratch can take hours for a web developer, and it can also be very costly to the owners of the website. WordPress plugins allow you to have exactly the functionality you want on your website by reducing the time and cost with simple integration.

WordPress plugins also have free basic and premium plugins. You can start with a free version of the plugin and then upgrade it if you need.

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3- Upgrade with WordPress Changes

Due to the constant innovation of technology, websites also have to keep up with online innovation. WordPress always updates its platform to meet the changes in technology. This is also the same for WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins upgrade with the platform to meet WordPress requirements and technology innovation. All you will need to do is to update your plugins to benefit from the new upgrade.

The best part of WordPress is that they allow all plugins to add their features without affecting the previous version of the plugins. It is also recommended to hire a WordPress professional web developer if you are not sure about the upgrade of your new plugin.

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4- WordPress Plugins Information

Before you add a plugin to your website, you might want to know the source, the number of active users, the reviews, and the last update of the plugin. All this information is available to the public. Thanks to WordPress. It allows users to judge the best WordPress plugins which meet their needs.

For example, a plugin with more than four stars reviews from more than ten thousand people, and frequent updates are a reliable plugin. That is because many people already identified the problems with the particular plugin, which makes it more reliable than many others.

It is also good to check the last update of the plugin. Again, thanks for the WordPress directory, you can see the last updates, and how they keep up with the new technology trend.

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5- WordPress Plugins are Easy to Add.

How do you add a WordPress plugin to your website? 

The selection of WordPress plugins depends on the website’s needs. You have WordPress themes options or plugins options. In other words, you have two ways to add a WordPress plugin to your website.


Option 1: How to add a WordPress Plugin from the marketplace?

WordPress marketplace is the page where you choose the theme or template of your website, add a plugin to your existing website, or select the desired functionality you want to add to your site.

Step 1: Find WordPress Marketplace icon on the left side of your dashboard.

Step 2: Click “Marketplace” to navigate to your WordPress Mojo Marketplace page

Step 3: Click on ”Plugins” at the top navigation bar if you are looking for plugins or select the theme by clicking on the theme at the top navigation bar.

Note: On the WordPress marketplace page, you can only sort the list of themes, plugins, services, and graphics.


Option 2: How do you add a WordPress Plugin to your existing website?

Step 1: Find WordPress plugin icon on the left side of your dashboard.

Step 2: Click “Add New” to navigate to your WordPress plugin page.

Step 3: On your right side next to your keyword, enter the keyword or the name of the plugin in the search box.

Step 4: You will see the list of all WordPress plugins available or related to the keyword in the search box. The list will show the active plugins and the ones that are not installed on your website.

Step 5: Click on “Install Now” to install the desire WordPress plugin on your website.

If you need to explore already installed plugins, click on plugins found on your left side of the dashboard and click “Installed Plugins”.

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WordPress plugins improve with technology trends at low cost. Plugins can meet almost any basic functionality for business for blogs, video, and eCommerce. The flexibility of plugins is crucial for a company that operates in a fast pace environment.  

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