6 Powerful And Best Website Builders And Packages In 2021

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Online website builder platforms have developed over the past ten years. They are now challenging the market for web design software and application such as Dreamweaver and Webflow.

Why now are online website builder platforms so popular?


That is because they are easy to use by any beginner in web design. Online website builder platforms provide tools to help businesses increase their leads. All you have to do is to sign up or log in to start your web design anywhere using a simple laptop or desktop.

Despite all of the advantages of building the website, the selection of the best online website builder platforms and packages becomes tricky for a beginner.

In this article, we will compare six powerful online website builder platforms. We believe to be the most popular among web designers: Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Webs, Shopify, and Squarespace.

All comparisons are based on the prices and the eCommerce integration.

Best Website Builder Platforms And Packages

Instant Savings On Web Design Platforms Personal Plan



  • Personal Plan: $4/Month
  • Premium Plan: $8/Month

WordPress is defined as the largest online website builder platform among all. WordPress Pricing is not the only thing that makes it popular. It provides many plugins for all business sizes and needs. 


Webs Logo - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Basic Plan: $5.99/Month
  • Business Plan: $12.99/Month

In 2011, Vistaprint acquired webs.com. If you like the price, you will have to sign up on Vistaprint first before you start using webs.com. In other words, at this moment, you cannot directly signup on Webs.com to create your website. You will have to set up an account with Vistaprint.

 Under VistaPrint Account – Personal website package is $5/Month with $0.99 difference.


Weebly Logo - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Personal Plan: $6/Month
  • Professional Plan: $12/Month

Weebly has recently partnered with Squareup.com to adapt its eCommerce plugins to many services Squareup has to offer. If you have no plan to sell online – You can still use the personal plan for a free trial. Weebly platform also allows users to build mobile apps to extend their business opportunities.


squarespace logo - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Personal Plan: $12/Month
  • Business Plan: $18/Month

Squarespace also gives users the capability to create web pages and blogs. Squarespace logo maker gives the platform a distinct feature compares to other online website builder platforms. All in one place is ideal for a beginner where you can create your website and logo in one place. They recently added SEO built-in tools where you can track your number of clicks and impressions and research for keywords.


Wix Logo - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Personal Plan: $14/Month
  • Business Plan: $23/Month

Wix pricing is quite expensive compared to its competitions but there is beauty in Wix platform. Wix also provides a logo maker. The platform is considered to be the easiest to use when it comes to a visual design with no coding experience at all. Wix currently has a Booking plugin and an open development platform for building advanced web applications without installing any software on your desktop. It is called Velo.


Shopify Logo - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Basic Plan: $29/Month
  • Business Plan: $79/Month

Shopify’s popularity comes from its business focus on eCommerce websites. So, if you are a visual designer or you are new in web design; and you are looking to build an easy eCommerce. Shopify is a perfect website builder platform for a ecommerce website.

Online Store: Web design Platforms and Incredible Pricing

When it comes to eCommerce pricing. Online website builder platforms are still competing to give the best services at a comparable rate. Here is the ranking on the 6 best eCommerce website builder platforms. 

In this classification, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce were not selected. 

This article is only focusing on people with little or no experience in coding but wants an awesome website.


Webs.com Platform Pricing | Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Pro E-commerce Plan: $22.9/Month

As stated previously, Webs is now part of Vistaprint. And Vistaprint Ecommerce website service is $25/Month. However, the website gives a discount of 25% ($18.75/Month) if the user purchases an annual plan. Vistaprint is known for its marketing tools like business cards at a low price.

VistaPrint Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta


Wix Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Basic Ecommerce Plan: $23/Month
  • VIP Business Ecommerce Plan: $49/Month

Wix provides two plans. The selection will depend on the business size. If you are looking into a full online store, then the VIP options will be the best choice. You can also take advantage of the USPS discount for up to 70% on your sale.


Weebly Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Performance Plan: $29/Month

Weebly offers only one plan for the eCommerce. However, the price drops to $26/month if you select the annual plan. Weebly has a great add-on called a shipping calculator, where you can create a shipping rate based on the location. Weebly provides up to a 40% discount on the shipping rate.


Shopify Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Basic Plan: $29/Month
  • Advance Ecommerce: $299/Month

We already know Shopify focuses on eCommerce websites from start to end. The basic plan gives up to a 74% discount on shipping rate with DHL Express, UPS, or USPS. And It gives up to 76% discount for the advanced eCommerce plan. You also have an opportunity to create an online store in 5 languages.


Squarespace Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Basic Ecommerce Plan: $30/Month
  • Advance Business Ecommerce Plan: $46/Month

Squarespace adds a little more into its eCommerce service with the integration of the point of sale. Point of sale options is perfect for someone who is looking to accept payment in person. Squarespace has a 13% discount if the annual plan is selected – which brings the basic plan down to $26/Month, and the advance plan to $40/Month.


WordPress Pricing - Infinite Creations Atlanta

  • Ecommerce Plan: $45

If you find yourself building an online store on WordPress, then you are no longer a beginner. You will benefit from at least 50 000 plugins to create an incredible website. WordPress allows payment from more than +60 countries. WordPress plugins also allow you to add other payment processors like PayPal to increase your payment capability.

If you need a custom web design for a personal, business, or online store call Infinite Creations Atlanta for a free consultation at 678.770.6929.

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