How do you get clients as a personal trainer?

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The answer replies on 7 marketing strategies to build long-term clients and a successful business:


  1. Define your target niche. 
  2. Build clients’ loyalty. 
  3. Ask for a referral. 
  4. Create a social media brand to engage your audience. 
  5. Write blog articles to share your expertise.
  6. Build a professional website.
  7. Ask for testimonies.

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1.Define your target niche

Before a personal trainer ask himself how to get clients, he will have to determine and categorize his niche. A personal trainer must also define his niche at the beginning of the project because it is the building block of his success. 


What does a niche market mean for a personal trainer? 

A niche market is a marketing strategy that utilizes a specific product to focus on one part of the market or industry. Ideally, a personal trainer should focus on his expertise, his audience, demographics, lifestyle, profession of his target clients, and price range during the marketing search. 


As a personal trainer, it is always an excellent practice to focus on people with common needs or characteristics to help them achieve their goals. For example, a personal trainer may want to help NFL players, NBA players, the elderly, veterans, or even targeting corporate employees for group workouts. 


No matter the niche, a personal trainer must focus and be committed to his niche. He must clearly define his offer and the expected result. A personal trainer is also considered to be mentor at certain levels. Therefore, he must show his level of excitement and impact his clients with a positive attitude. Another reason to select a niche is to avoid being generic.


If a personal trainer is looking for a client’s loyalty, then he must create a specialized niche different from 90% of his competition.

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2.Building client’s loyalty

It is easy to trust a friend and family referral than an ad online. Client loyalty is the long-term revenue streaming that gives a personal trainer a successful business. That is why it is crucial to treat each client like royalty. 


A personal trainer has a unique opportunity to know his client. That is why it is essential to use the best customer service strategy to make a client feel like he has been treated very well. In other words, a personal trainer should add great and friendly customer service to his expertise. Show passion and excitement to a client for long-term business relationship. Building client loyalty gives the most powerful free advertising which is word – mouth. After building the best client loyalty, it is okay to ask a client or friends and family for a referral.


3.Ask for a referral


A satisfied client will always be happy to share their success with their friends and family and tell them how great it is working with you. Ask satisfied client for referrals, give him a discount or referral bonus to increase his incentive. 


A personal trainer should consider using a group session to encourage a client to bring his friends for free trials. Many people enjoy working out with their friends together. It increases the level of happiness in the session and gives a personal trainer another a new prospect client.


7 good techniques a personal trainer should use to get a referral

  1. Ask the client at the right time.
  2. Don’t make them uncomfortable to say no.
  3. Give a reward toward their current plan.
  4. Create a group discussion to allow clients to open up.
  5. Partner up with other providers
  6. Share your client’s success.
  7. Don’t prioritize referral over client service.
  8. Create a social media brand to engage your audience.


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapshot, Tik-Tok and Twitter are great social media platforms for a personal trainer. It gives a personal trainer the ability to directly engage with the audience to answer questions, build a reputation, and show the level of expertise in the field.


Other tips for social media marketing are doing lives streaming on Instagram, post video on YouTube, and free tips of great workout sessions.  

The keyword in social media marketing is branding. Therefore, you should always be consistent with your posting and create a social marketing plan to build your presence online.


4.How do you get the best out of your social media page as a personal trainer?

  • Set up an appointment app on your profile to book your service.
  • Post a motivational quote to help the people in their journey.
  • Share Client success stories before and after.
  • Show workout and exercise videos on how to do a proper workout.
  • Utilize any new tools on each platform to engage with your audience.
  • Publish a meal plan tips.

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5.Write blog articles to share your experience

There are millions of articles about many workout programs. However, there are only a few for a specific niche. A personal trainer should specialize his blog article toward his niche to get real feedback from people. When a personal trainer focuses on his niche during the blog article writing, the post has more value for the small group of people he targeted than millions of other articles online.


At best, a personal trainer should share every blog post on his social media to engage with his audience. He can post about nutrition, workout program, or healthy habit. Nonetheless, his audience will personally identify themselves in the blog if it targets a specific niche. It is also a good source of referral for people in the same industry as well. Without a doubt, a blog post has always been a great value for a personal trainer SEO.


For example, when you Google “Leg Workout” the first pages that typically generate on the search engine are blog articles. It is also good to maintain a blog posting schedule. It gives a better SEO result as well as audience engagement.


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6.Build a professional website

Having a blog is great but a website really tells people what a personal trainer does, who is he, his targeted clients, gives the trainer credibility in his field or niche. Compared to a social media platform, a website can be customized to meet certain niche demands.


A personal trainer can add his Instagram post, Facebook post, Google review, YouTube video, and other testimonies on his website. This content gives a potential client more inspiration to purchase a service. A website undeniably shows a personal trainer at the highest level of professionalism and expertise compare to many others. It builds trust and confidence for prospectus clients to contact a trainer.

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7.Ask for testimonies

A personal trainer must maintain a good reputation at all times. Asking for client’s testimony is a great way to show the success of the service. Same as restaurants, people look at personal trainer reviews before making a purchasing decision. Make sure to ask the right people to give their honest opinion.

The best proof of showcases is video recording. Ask a satisfied client if he wants to shoot a video sharing his happiness and the progress he made. Video testimonies are great ways to advertise without more spending for the same result.

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