How Does A Digital Marketing Agency Help My Business?

Digital Marketing with Infinite Creations Atlanta

And do you really need one? Well, friends, the answer is YES! You do need digital marketing!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing methods are results driven, online based strategies. These strategies help your business be more visible in the online marketplace, reaching more of your ideal customers. Because digital marketing is exclusively online, this allows your campaigns to be fluid and adaptable. Unlike freeway billboards, you can target and engage your audience with a laser focus.

Let’s dive into the sort of return you should expect on your investment when hiring a digital marketing agency to help our business.

5 ways a digital marketing agency can help your business

Target Market Research

A digital marketing agency will take a deep dive into who your customer really is.

  1. What is the problem they’re trying to solve?
  2. What stage of life do they most connect with?
  3. Why would they be interested in your product or service?
  4. What ELSE are they interested in or associated with?
  5. Why do they want to buy it from you, specifically?
  6. Where can they be found? On what platforms or sites do they spend the most time?
  7. Are they locally or regionally based?

This data, based on your ideal customer, can all be compiled and analyzed to develop your digital marketing strategy. This will be the story your brand tells in order to engage and ultimately convert readers and strangers into sales converting customers.

Providing Unique, SEO Rich, Content

Digital Marketing with Search Engine Optimization

Think of your brand as a living, breathing entity. Content is the food of your brand. This is what keeps your brand moving, engaging and growing.

You want content that will lend credibility to your operation and position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. This requires either a unique process, unique perspective, or something new and shiny.

Showing up consistently in front of your audience can be exhausting and time consuming. But it’s absolutely necessary for building a well rounded, online presence. Your digital marketing team can help you produce unique, engaging content that will resonate with your target audience.

Use this strategy to create relationships with your audience and build an actionable level of trust. We want them to stick around for more!

Whatever your mechanism, embedding search engine optimization methods in your content ensures that your ideal customer can find you! There is so much noise and competition in the marketplace! Unique, SEO rich content is one of the ways your brand can stand out and create your own place at the table.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing with social media

Building an effective social media campaign is far more complex than most business owners realize.

It requires copy, graphics, ads, targeted audience building, engagement, adaptable content and often several rounds of testing. Don’t forget, each metric has to be slightly tweaked, depending on the platform where it’s being deployed. What works for Instagram doesn’t work for Twitter or YouTube.

Your digital marketing agency can help you by adapting your brand specific content to fit your offer across multiple social media platforms. Allowing your campaign to reach as many of your ideal customers as possible. Some digital marketing agencies will even integrate and schedule this content for you so you can be the “hands off boss” you want to be!

Learn more about how Infinite Creations Atlanta can help your social media strategies.

Increase Traffic to Your Site or Landing Pages

Generating more traffic to your website will inevitably increase the number of incoming leads. Those leads turn into new customers and increased revenue.

What could your business do with an increase in revenue?

Remember those great strategies for content marketing and social media campaigns we talked about? This is where they all lead!

Increased website traffic could come from your social media campaigns, SEO blog content, email marketing efforts, digital newsletters, and online advertising.

The rubber meets the road when your audience sees your content and then follows that content to the next phase, ie clicking through! Make sure what they find on the other end of that click is just as juicy as what made them click in the first place.

Now that your customer is here (your digital marketing efforts are paying off!), make sure your offer is clear and ready to convert! A digital marketing agency will help you optimize your website with appealing copywriting, consistent branding and, in some cases, full-stack design services to boot!

Providing and Monitoring Campaign Data

Let’s imagine that your digital marketing campaign is all set up and humming along. Your agency has implemented your content and ads.

Now what? How do you know it’s working?

This is one of the most valuable assets you will receive when you hire a digital marketing agency to help your business – the data. The usually boring statistics, metrics, reports, etc are boring no more!

This invaluable data will tell you what works and what doesn’t. What needs improvement and what you need to keep running forever. Hiring a digital marketing agency gives you the ability to continually improve your online marketing!

Conclusively Cohesive

Sure, you can utilize some of these strategies on your own. However, an effective digital marketing agency will deploy strategies that create brand cohesion.

They can take each of the strategies we’ve covered here (and more!) and put them all together to create one unified campaign. This allows you to show up and cash out without having to know all the cogs and gears at work behind the scenes.

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