How Much Does It Cost to Really Build a Website?

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For the past two decades, the innovation of technology has helped many businesses reach out to clients through websites. Although, websites have indeed created more than trillions of dollars of industries. Many people still wonder: “how much does it cost to build a website?” as of today.


To answers this question, we will evaluate two main factors to define the cost:


Consider Who’s building the website?

Option 1: Building the Website Yourself.

If you decide to build a website yourself, you will have to consider the following list in hands:


  1. Buying a domain name
  2. Finding a hosting provider
  3. Finding a website builder platform.
  4. Having some knowledge about Html and CSS.
  5. Utilizing your website to get to improve your SEO ranking.


There are major risks of building a website yourself if one has no experience in coding.  The way you design your website could hurt your SEO ranking and reduce your customer leads. That is why it is better to hire a professional web designer to avoid paying the cost later. 


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Option 2: Hiring a Professional Web Designer to Build Your Website.

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A professional web designer has the knowledge and experience to build your website. He is also able to satisfy the list in option 1.


You can choose to hire a freelancer or web design agency. In general, freelancer and web design agency defined their pricing based on the following list:


  1. Do you have a domain name ready?
  2. Are you hosting your website, or do you need a web design agency to host your website?
  3. How many pages do you need your website?
  4. Do you have the content available; or it will be provided by the web designer?
  5. What will be the purpose of the website (Informational – Corporation website – Ecommerce -CMS)?

All of these questions will give an idea about the cost and delivery time to the web designer. 


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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Domain Name?

A domain name costs an average between $9.99/year to $14.99/year. Many companies offer a discount if you decide to select more than one year for your registration.

A domain name is essential for every website regardless of who is building the website. In other words, the first thing to do before building your website is to find yourself a domain name that you like.


Here is the list of some of the best domain name providers that can be useful for your future project:


  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Google Domain Name
  5. SiteGround

Google offers a domain name registration to increase its web support, and it also provides free web design tools (Google sites, Bloggers) and paid tools from Wix, Squarespace, Bluehost, WordPress, Shopify, and Weebly.


How much does it cost to host a website?

Although, a domain name is an important part of building a website. It still needs a hosting platform for the contents to be visible on the web.


Many domain name providers also offer a hosting service. The average cost of hosting a website is between $2.75/mo to $6.99/mo for the basic plan. However, companies offer a discount for more than 1-year purchase.


Another key point is that website builders already have a hosting cost incorporated in their service cost. Therefore, you do not have to pay for hosting if you are building your website on a website builders’ platform. However, you will have to pay for the service they are providing.


Here is the list of web hosting cost of companies you can consider:


Company Basic Plan Cost
Bluehost $3.95/Mo
HostGator $2.75/Mo
SiteGround $6.99/Mo
GoDaddy $5.99/Mo

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website on Website Builders?

The average web building cost is between $4.99/mo to $24/mo for a business website; and $22/mo -$45/mo for an eCommerce website.


Company Personal Plan Business Plan Ecommerce Plan
WordPress $4/Mo $8/Mo $45/Mo
Webs $5.99/Mo $12.99/Mo $22.99/Mo
Weebly $6/Mo $12/Mo $29/Mo
Squarespace $12/Mo $18/Mo $30/Mo
Wix $14/Mo $23/Mo $23/Mo
Shopify $29/Mo $79/Mo $79/Mo

We made the list of website builders and pricing available to you; to make sure you find what is best for your business.


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Do You Need to Know the Html and CSS to Build a Website?

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Even if the website builder’s platform does not require you to know about Html, CSS, and JavaScript. It is essential to have a basic idea about the structure of the website.


Let me give you the reason:


The website has a principal structure that has a visual effect on the user who is interacting with the website. The design and the contents must match to increase customer leads.


For instance, the font size of the contents must be large enough to attract and be readable. The size of the button must also be large enough for users to click on it. The URL should be nice and clean with no underscore character.


In other words, there are so many grey areas in web design. However, a professional web designer can identify and fix them because it is his field of work.

Nonetheless, it is always good to learn.


Check out W3Schools if you want to learn many web design languages online for free.


If you feel like it will take too much of your time. And you want to focus on your business then you are not alone. That is why many people hire a professional web designer to build their website. 


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Web Designer?

The average cost to hire a freelance web designer is between $200 to $5000 depending on the number of pages, the availability of the contents, and the purpose of the website. This price might or might not include the hosting, the maintenance of the website, and other web services such as SSL certificate.


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The average pricing of the maintenance of the website is between $50/mo to $300/mo.


A professional web designer can determine the minimum page on the website based on the purpose of the website. You just have to tell a professional web designer your intent.


For example, Telling the web designer you want an eCommerce or CMS (content management system) will give him/her the idea of the minimum number of pages and the time frame to finish the project if all resources are available on time. 


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Web Design Agency?

Web design agencies’ costs are more expensive than a freelancer. You can expect the average price to be between $2000 to $35000 for a website that is less than 20 pages.


The price should not discourage you from calling for a professional web designer. In the web design business, freelancers and web design agencies give the room to negotiate the price.


In summary, if you are looking to build a web design yourself. You should expect a cost of $20 to $100 per month depending on the website builder platform plus the domain name. This price does not include hours of study to properly design the website to attract clients and give you a better search engine result. In other words, the cost to build a website yourself can end up being more expensive than hiring a professional web designer.


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