How to Effectively Market Your Business Through LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networking platforms available. Despite the large number of marketing opportunities LinkedIn offers, many business owners find it difficult to understand how to effectively promote their company through LinkedIn.

While any business can engage their audience and generate leads with LinkedIn, the platform is particularly effective for companies promoting business to business services and sales.

Make Sure Your Branding is Cohesive

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When evaluating your LinkedIn page, the first thing you should pay attention to is whether or not your company has an easily identifiable message and cohesive branding. Your brand’s image is how your audience will identify you, and it also creates the “personality” that people will associate with your company. Learn more about branding here.

Look at your business page as if you are a potential customer, and try to find things you could improve. Branding includes:

  1. Your personalized URL
  2. Your overall message and tone
  3. Your color scheme and aesthetic
  4. How you interact with your clients and customers

Create a Marketing Strategy with a Focus on Niche Targeting

Your business should make a first impression that people remember. If you notice aspects of your LinkedIn page that don’t quite fit in, adjust them so that everything is cohesive before moving on. This is a good time to compare your advertising campaigns and other social media profiles to ensure your branding is consistent across all platforms.

LinkedIn is a powerhouse when it comes to niche targeting. When designing your marketing strategy, pay close attention to your target audience. You can target your campaign to companies based on their industry, the number of employees they have, their location, and then narrow it further by choosing job titles within that group. If you have a particular niche you are trying to create a campaign for, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to implement it.

Keep Your LinkedIn Content Relevant and Up to Date

One of the most difficult (and most important) components of any marketing strategy is keeping relevant, up-to-date content on your page. You don’t want to create a profile that appears inactive, which can create a negative impression to potential clients. Keeping your content updated seems easy enough, but you also need to make sure that the content you do add is valuable to your audience. Don’t repost the same idea over and over again; do some research to find out what your audience wants to know.

You can also use your target market to create content themselves by asking a question, posting a quiz, or otherwise engaging with your audience in a way that promotes discussion in your comment section. Check your analytics, competitor’s comments and posts, and do research every day to stay on top of what your customers want to know.

Encourage Your Employees to Create Their Own Accounts

Linkedin Marketing for employees

Your business can get an instant boost if you encourage your employees to create their own profiles. The more friendly and personalized your employee profiles are, the more relatable your company will be.

Connecting your employees’ accounts instantly increases your reach, and gives your company more personality. Some companies encourage employees to create LinkedIn profiles by conducting workshops, or even paying for professional photos.

Join and Create Groups

Joining and creating groups allows you to experience maximum growth in a short period of time. By creating your own group and then joining the groups that are filled with your target market. When you join relevant groups, you get to see what people are saying about your industry, which gives you an idea of where your competition is falling short, and you can add to the conversation as an industry professional, building trust in your brand, and establishing your reputation.

When you create your own group, you are able to recruit members directly from the groups that you joined, full of your target audience. By targeting a specific audience within the groups you’ve joined, you can cultivate a group of potential customers who meet the criteria you’re looking for. Sending personalized invitations and making the group feel exclusive adds to the appeal. Keep your group consistently updated with valuable content, and you will quickly generate leads and networking opportunities.

Find Your Company’s Point of Difference (POD)

Linkedin Marketing for Businesses

On a platform full of professionals and business pages, your company needs to focus on what makes it different from other businesses. This is what all of your work should be based around and emphasising. Your point of difference is the reason why customers choose you over your competitors.

Whether your point of difference is something aesthetic, like unique packaging and branding, or something fundamental about your product, playing up your point of difference is going to increase brand loyalty and create a community of fans. If you aren’t sure what your POD is, the most straightforward way to find out is to ask your audience directly; post a poll to see what people love most about your business.

How LinkedIn Benefits Your Business

LinkedIn has quietly risen through the ranks of social media platforms to establish itself as an important networking and marketing tool. By utilizing the tools that LinkedIn has available, you will increase your reach, generate leads, and improve your brand’s image, reputation, and recognition.

If you aren’t taking advantage of LinkedIn now, you’re going to be playing catchup in the near future as more and more companies begin to grow their networks.

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