What is A Social Media Platform?

Bar graph of most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2021, ranked by number of active users
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The evolution of technology has facilitated the way companies market their product. Marketing is a set of constructive actions companies take to promote the purchase or sale of goods or services. Marketers use available resources such as television, newspapers, radio, magazine, websites, app, and blogs to communicate to consumers and act called Call to Action; or to capture their attention on something significate called Branding.

Social media platforms are websites and apps that help users with similar interests communicate and share information. They are the current dominant trends of marketing for millions of companies. These platforms have been the new way for companies to capitalize on their digital marketing strategy. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of using social media platforms:

  1. Making a business brand stand out.
  2. Increase web traffic.
  3. Capture leads.
  4. Get more subscribers.
  5. Attract local customers.
  6. Build a solid customer service presence online.

Many people rely on social media platforms to promote their business or generate sales leads. Social media platforms are described as two ways channels of communication and care. Dissatisfied customers can strongly share their experience online, damaging the brand’s image. To avoid such a negative impact on the branding image, it is essential to develop a social marketing strategy that focuses on the targeted audience and communicates with them properly.

The first rule of thumb is to know your target audience and where to find them. And then create the right content to reach your niche audience.

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media platforms as a marketplace to directly engage with the audience. The social media marketing strategy relies on sharing rich content with users to capture their attention. There is little more into social media marketing that varies from organic search engine marketing or SEO.

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Reddit have billions of users on their platform categorized by interest, hobbies, age, geographic location, profession, gender, and language. These categories open a lot of business opportunities for many local businesses. However, it is important to have a clear marketing objective before starting a marketing campaign.

Here are the 9 marketing campaign goals on major social media platforms:

  1. Increase traffic to your website.
  2. Increase conversion rate on your website.
  3. Boost your social media post.
  4. Promote your social media page.
  5. Reach local businesses near you.
  6. Raise attention to your event.
  7. Get more video views.
  8. Generate quality leads.
  9. Get people to claim your offer.

All of these categories lead to powerful SEO, an increase in sales volume, or increase brand awareness. To achieve these goals, you need high-quality content directed to the right audience.

For example, many scholars and business professionals share their content on LinkedIn while motivational speakers, life and fitness coaches post on YouTube and Instagram to directly engage with their direct audience. In other words, the choice of social media platform will have to come down to your product, business model, marketing strategy, and audience.

How Do You Benefit from Social Media Marketing?


Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter offer multiple ways to reach the same audience across platforms. Nonetheless, many users have at least two social media platforms. It is a good occasion to companies to use the rule of 7 advertising strategy to reach their goal. The rule of 7 suggests that customers will have to see at least 7 times an ad before making a purchase. Utilizing multiple social media platform gives companies the opportunities to expose their audience to the same contents at least 7 times. 

In addition, many businesses also merge or cooperate with other businesses to give the best advertising result to clients who are interested in certain products. For example, the fact that Facebook owns Instagram open doors to reach the audience cross-platform. Facebook executive Stan Chudnovsky stated that more than 60% of Instagram users have linked up to Facebook Messenger. That is another good news for companies wishing to increase their audience size.

This new partnership strategy across platforms gives endless possibilities to users to get the best out of multiple platforms. However, companies still need to know which platform deliver the best social media marketing result based on the product they are providing to their audience.

Here are how to benefit from social media marketing.


Create a Facebook and YouTube Page

Facebook currently has  1.79 billion daily users and 2.7 billion monthly active users. According to Statista, Facebook had 190 million users in the US in January 2021. And YouTube has 2.291 billion users with 220 million users in the US. These two platforms provide a large audience to help any company size grown their business.

Create a social media marketing plan and document it.

A good marketing plan has a good chance of success. And a documented of a well-built marketing plan allows to repeat the result and increase the number of success for the next marketing campaign.

Profit of Social Media Advertising Tools

A study demonstrated that Facebook advertising has a strong effect on brand image and brand equity, and these two factors significantly influence the purchasing decision of customers. In other words, Facebook ads can help you build a powerful brand and increase quality leads.

Have strong customer relationship management.

Social media platforms help companies connect to their audience to promote their product. It gives a great opportunity to build strong customer service at no cost to purchase or sell the new product.

Keep up with the new trends.

One of the successes of major companies is their quick adaptation to the new trends. By keeping up with the trends helps companies understand the audience’s current behavior.  

Follow the top 5 competitors’ social media strategies in your industry.

Social media platforms allow companies to track their competitors’ progress and social media marketing techniques. If they are top 5 on the list. It means they are doing something right. Search the number of followers they have on different platforms, learn how they post their contents, and read their audience feedback to take advantage of a good opportunity.

How Do You Post Rich Content on Social Media platforms?


The current social media strategy is driven by video posts, emojis, GIFs, and Hashtags. Users are more attracted to content-related photos or videos accompanied by words with hashtags. 

Emojis, GIFs have been proven to be even more effective on many platforms to engage with the audience. They are new ways to describe your intention with limited words. 

Hashtags are a way to only target users who are looking for posts related to the hashtags content. These users do not need to be your friends or your followers to find your post. The hashtags strategy will display on these targeted users’ suggested feeds or when they search a topic. Focusing on small hashtags help to engage with the audience.

Time matter in digital marketing. From 30 – 15 seconds Ad, almost 20% of people who start a video leaves after the first 10 seconds. According to a Microsoft study, our average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. That is to say, you have 15 seconds to create a good video introduction for the audience. The large success of Tik-Tok, Instagram Story demonstrated the effectiveness of short videos or short interactive images in branding.

A good social media posting is a very powerful marketing tool for branding. The content is shared multiple times by users across the platform. High-quality content is sure to make an impact in social media marketing campaigns.

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