Free Initial Consultation

The first step of your journey will consist of a phone or a face-to-face consultation with a representative. At this time, package options will be discussed with you in further detail. Your representative will also discuss with you the best strategies for your website.

Fine Tuning

Infinite Creations Atlanta will send you a formal proposal structuring the ends and outs of everything we will do for you. This will include the exact cost and a schedule of when our work is to be finished. Please keep in mind there is never any HIDDEN FEES.

Once an agreement is made between both parties, a down payment is requested at this time to get the website construction under way. Then we can begin the fun stuff!

Website Blueprints

During this phase, our team will research and really get to know your business so that we can build the best website for you. We will discuss page titles, layouts, color scheme and other information needed for your website. Generally, we will generate a checklist for you to determine what materials will be needed to fulfill your website.

Mock Up Trials

It is imperative that we perfect your website. At this time, we will construct the home page and allow for edits to the color scheme, layout and overall look of your website before the design is fully under way. To make sure the process of your website is moving along smoothly, there will be a time limit for edits at this stage.

Fulfillment & Functionality

This phase will consist of the completion of the remaining pages in your website. With all information and color scheme finalized, the website will be finished in a timely manner. Coding, graphic designs and development of other applications will take place.

Testing & Reviews

Before we send the final version of your brand new website to you for revisions, we make sure that everything is up to par with a visually appealing look and with flawless functioning features. During this stage, our designers will test the website to make sure content is correct with no spelling errors and to assure the website doesn’t have any scripting errors.

Customer Final Approval

At this point, we will allow you to view the website on one of our sub-domains before the site goes live. You can make changes and updates to the website at this time. There is a 72 hour time frame for edits before the website goes live.

Website Launch & Enjoyment

Your website is finally completed and live for business. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the maintenance packages we offer. Thank you for your business.

Curious to see what the finally outcome of your website would like once our process is complete?

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