Web Design Services In Atlanta GA

Web Design Services in Atlanta GA

Let's Build Something Unique

We build custom websites with your vision in mind. It's that simple!

Our clients are more than just a number to us — they become part of our Infinite family! Infinite Creations Atlanta takes great pride in knowing our clients on a personal basis. This not only eases the creative process of the we design, but it also allows our Creators to produce the best website, customized branding and marketing services for your business.

Our Promise To You

We’re here to meet your needs and tackle any uncertainties head-on.

Our Creators will help you build a notable brand that you can be proud of.

With our seamless process, we’ll be with you from web creation to completion.

We intend to create a long-lasting business relationship for years to come.

The BIG QUESTION! What Makes Us Different?

In the digital age, there’s no shortage of web design companies and digital marketers. However, with us, you’re more than just another client. When you talk, we listen! We know your time is precious and that your business can only flourish as soon as you are able to brand your company. How else can you do that if you don’t have a proper website to show your clients? We want our clients to know that they are well taken care of. Our record of google reviews prove that we can do just that.

Our Web Creator Vow To You

Create unique, one-of-a-kind website designs
Provide an array of marketing tools and strategies
Customize branding specifically for your business
Cater to a wide variety of clients
Provide lightning-fast turnaround time
Strategize to help your business stand out amongst competitors
Always have our client’s best interest at heart
Make the process as transparent as possible

Packaged Deals

Here at Infinite Creations Atlanta, we have created starter packages for businesses looking to receive a bundle of services at a great one-time price. Perhaps you need help finding a domain name, hosting services, all while looking for a website designer. These packages are created with you in mind.

All packages come complete with a custom design layout, hosting, domain(s), stock images (if needed), emails, mobile-ready websites, and a dedicated consultant. We even offer packages that come with logo design, print design, and social media setups.


Whew, that’s a lot for one time price! Our Packaged deals start at $600.


Now, if you are in the market for a specialized website, have no worries, we’ll start with the price of the package you’ve chosen and adjust accordingly. Websites can vary from client to client based on their needs. All of our prices are still competitive with no hidden fees. You’ll know everything that you’re receiving in your custom package before any payments are made.

Wordpress-hosting | Infinite Creations Atlanta

WordPress Designs

Fast and efficient. WordPress designs allow us to build something unique while giving you access at the same time.

Customize design | Infinite Creations Atlanta

Custom Designs

All of our designs are customized. In search for something special. We can cater your website just for your needs.

Mobile Design and App | Infinite Creations Atlanta

Mobile Ready Designs

The age of the phone! If your website isn't mobile-ready, you're business WILL suffer. All of our websites are mobile friendly.

We Offer Hosting As Well

What is hosting exactly? Think of it as the place where all of the nice pictures, great content, and information are stored. Without it, your website CANNOT exist. Don’t worry, Infinite Creations Atlanta has you covered. 


We offer everything from domain support, hosting, email setup, DNS updates, security updates, PHP updates, theme and plugin updates, and WordPress updates as well.

Email Setup | Infinite Creations Atlanta

Email Setup

Create a professional email to go along with your domain to keep your business professioanl.

Website Security | Infinite Creations Atlanta


We monitor potential threats and add necessary security features to keep your website functioning as intended.

Customer service | Infinite Creations Atlanta

Great Customer Support

Contact us if you're experiencing hosting issues.

Site Migration | Infinite Creations Atlanta


Moving from host to host can be a challenge. Contact us for support.

Perfect time manager creator design | Infinite Creations Atlanta

Launch Your Website With Ease

Once your website has passed the QA process, we can launch on our servers with ease.

Full Optimization Website

Uptime Monitoring

As always, it's important to make sure your website never goes down. We implement monitors to keep this from potentially happening.

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