Gain More Customers By Creating A Social Media Strategy

Social Media Services in Atlanta GA

Social Media Services In Atlanta GA

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Partner with our team of creators and strategists to get your social media strategy working for you! We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Infinite Creations Atlanta is the one place for your business’s social media strategy. If you’re struggling to:

A) Build your followers or
B) Produce the right amount AND the right kind of content to keep those followers

We have a suite of services ready to help you from start to finish. Social media drives business engagement in our online modern world. Let us steer you in the direction of success without having to take your hands off the wheel.t

We offer businesses and coaches customized solutions including:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Content and Postings
Social Media Engagement

Comment and DM Responses

How our social media services work

We work with businesses and coaches like you who want to boost their social media presence and increase their clientele by creating customized strategies tailored to your services.


How do we do that?


By conducting 1:1 meetings to dig into both where you’re at NOW and where you WANT to be. From those findings, we clearly define a social media strategy based on your current reputation analysis. Next, we lay out a calendar board for your social media planning and we even help you create the content to fill it based on your approval. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!


Moving forward, you’ll have a dedicated account representative who will meet with you once a month as well as monitor your social assets. We’ll make sure that your social media following is growing and that your engagement is improving and we’ll even keep you in the loop with custom monthly reports and alerts.

We’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with multiple businesses to help them reach their social media goals and increase their engagement.

Check out the businesses below, that we’ve helped

All of our social media packages include:

Dedicated Account Representative
Brand Reputation Analysis
Post & Caption Creation
Daily monitoring of Account
Monthly Reporting and Alerts
24 Hour or Less Response to Comments & DMs
Marketing & Strategy
Post & Caption Creation
Calendar Board for Planning
Approvals Before Posting Live
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Monthly Reporting and Alerts
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Select the number of posts per month
 that fits your business needs

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Social Media Engagement Services in Atlanta GA

Our process is very simple:

1. Audit & Initial Setup

Getting started, we’ll set up your social media accounts or audit your existing ones. A dedicated consultant will see where there’s room for improvement and what tweaks need to be made.

2. Strategy Planning

Following the audit, we’ll create a personalized plan based on where you want your business to go and expand. You’ll be given a content calendar for ads and postings to help with your ROI.

3. Activating Your Account

This is the exciting step! It’s time to go live and put your plan into motion.

4. Monitor Growth

Just because you’re live now doesn’t mean your support ends. We’ll continue to monitor your accounts to gauge customer engagement and find new ways to increase your business.

Let’s talk brass tacks:
why does your business need us?

Even with a simple process, we know your time is still limited and we want to honor that by making sure you’re getting the best return for your advertising budget. One of our main goals is to decrease the work on your plate.


If you’re struggling to decide if social media marketing is right for your business, ask yourself these questions…

Are you new to the industry and need to increase your client list?
Do you need help selling your services and generating new leads?
Have you gotten too busy to interact with your followers?
Are you finding it difficult to stay consistent online?
Do you have new content that you want to get out in the world but aren’t sure how?

We see you and we’re here with solutions! Social media marketing can accomplish countless goals from customer retention to boosting your business. All it takes is having the right team in your corner to help you navigate the craziness of hashtags and group pages. 

To keep it simple, we focus on the four outcomes that we
think businesses can benefit from the most.

Brand Positioning

Getting your brand in front of more people and making sure that they’re familiar with it is the goal here. Social media is one of the best ways to accomplish this and spread your word of mouth reputation.

Lead Generation

Do you need more leads to generate new business? One of the quickest ways to get that is through paid ads. We’ll customize ads to reach your target audience and educate them about your products and services.

Client Interaction

Social media is phenomenal at connecting you with your clients. You’ll have the capability to send them messages directly on platforms including Instagram and Facebook. Your customers will feel seen and heard like never before.


Pushing new content on a regular basis is the best way to send traffic to your website. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to advertise the content that you create by adding links and images to your social media.

Are you ready to finally get your social media strategy on lockdown? To connect with a growing community that can’t get enough of your content? To let us turn your social media into money in your pocket?

We’re ready to help you do just that! Take action now before you get too busy again. All it takes is one click to your plan of action in motion with Infinite Creations Atlanta!

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