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For the past decade, SEO experts have used many tools and strategies to increase website ranking on a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, there is one thing no one focuses on. And it is essential for your branding, marketing strategies, and SEO Ranking. It is the concept of the internal link.

Although backlinks are excellent for your SEO, Internal links are more used in Google ranking than backlinks. By adding only 1 tag on your page called a Robot tag, you can change the rank of your website and increase your visibility on the search engine. However, your robot tag should be set to Index and Follow.

While a robot tag ¨índex¨ is excellent; You should add ¨follow¨ to increase the visibility of other pages URLs to the primary page. Your SEO ranking can highly improve on the search engines with only this simple trick.


Here are the four best ways to Use Internal links To Increase Your SEO.

1. Reason Why Discovery Links are the Most Important in the SEO Technique?

Many people understand the power of internal URLs to score higher in Google. Internal URLs allow readers to relate the primary page content to another page. Many blog writers use this technique to promote other pages on the same website. Think about internal links as a backlink but inside your website.

An internal URL is also a powerful tool to use on the landing page. However, you have to be careful not to use too many internal URLs than the content ratio. Add URLs to the page you want readers and Google Search Engine to follow. Readers must see the URLs with compelling words to click on them. For the discovery link technique, the web page must show the URLs to users and search engines, and allow them to follow or click on the next page.

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2. What Google Eyes do for your branding?

Google eyes are everywhere on your website. Nonetheless, Google only displays the web page that is relevant to users. Users might discover other pages on your website following internal links. This tells Google that the rest of the pages are also relevant.


Every time Google scores a page on the website, it also gives credit to the rest of the pages that have been indexed and followed. Google Search Console and Google Analytics use the website’s internal links to evaluate how users are utilizing your website. Every click will tell Google the number of visitors and how long they stayed on your website. In other words, your overall score will increase every time one of the web pages has a better ranking. Don´t forget the page must have a Robot tag index – follow for the internal links to have a Google ranking score.


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3. Groundbreaking Reason Why You Need A Breadcrumbs Strategies On Your Website

A breadcrumb is a perfect guide for users to navigate your website. It tells users and search engines the current location of each page on your website. Breadcrumb is the creation of additional internal links on a page to help users find their way inside the website with large content.


A breadcrumb does not replace the main navigation menu but it becomes an addition to the page it has been used on. A common use of breadcrumb is a large website or e-commerce website. You don’t need to use breadcrumb on a 1-page website.


A benefit of using breadcrumb is user interface friendly and reduction of bounce rate. Users have better navigation inside the website. It does not take a lot of space on the screen, and it also reduces the browser’s ¨Back¨ click. The reduction of bounce rate is also essential in SEO. Google Search Console rates your bounce rate based on How long users stay on your page. To reduce bounce rate, breadcrumb shows related and relevant categories or folders to users. When users click on the Url, it reduces the bounce rate instead of users leaving your website.

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4. Why Google Recommends A Sitemap on Your website

Indeed, you might not be able to add all internal links on one page. But, you want Google to index and follow all the pages on your website. It is the best strategy for this option. A sitemap informs all search engines about the URLs or pages available for crawling.


A sitemap is a file that provides information about pages, videos, and other files on your website; and the structure of the relationship among them.


When Do you need a sitemap?

A large website will need a sitemap. You will also need a sitemap if your pages are not well linked to each other and the content is too large. Consider adding a sitemap if the website is new or has a few external links to it.


When you have a lot of rich media content, You will most definitely need to add a sitemap. Google uses all of this information to display your content to different users.

Check out Google recommendations about sitemap best practices


In conclusion, if you want to increase your SEO ranking, you must focus on the discovery links technique, Google Eyes, Breadcrumbs, and sitemap building strategies. These four strategies will increase your SEO ranking. It will also increase your branding even when you are using Google ads.


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