8 Best Wellness And Fitness Advertising And Branding Strategies You Need To Know


When it comes to wellness and fitness branding and advertising strategies, it is all about what you can show to your clients. The first thing to know is your audience, where to find them, know what they want and how to deliver high-quality service.


These four elements give a fitness instructor, wellness coach, life coach, and nutritional coach a way to narrow their targeted customers and efficiently deliver quality service. Branding and advertising are essential keys to success for a fitness instructor and wellness coach.


Modern technology allows us to provide service to clients from multiple locations and in different ways. Fitness instructors and wellness instructors should focus on these branding strategies to increase their clientele.


Here is the list of advertising and branding strategies:

1- Create a website for your business that stands out.

Website connection

If you want to look apart from your competition, then you need to be at the next level. Having a website to display your services, photos and videos gives your potential clients the confidence that they can rely on you, and it will give your business a competitive advantage.

A website also informs your clients how to contact your business if they do not have a social media account.


You might be surprised to see that many people do not have social media accounts. It is not necessary to force them to open one, but your contact information should be available to them. Above all, A website shows the fitness instructor and wellness coach’s commitment and professionalism.


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2- Create a social media profile.

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Social media is an online platform where people publicly share their interests. For fitness instructors, wellness coaches, and life coaches’ videos and photos are the best way to get a great audience and target a certain niche.


In other words, creating an Instagram and Facebook profile is a plus in any business. Having a Google My Business is a considerable advantage. Google will display your review to millions of people in your local area. Google review has the full benefit of the local map, search engine indexing, increasing customer’s trust level, and YouTube page connection.


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3- Create a YouTube Page

YouTube Page and advertising strategy Infinite Creations Atlanta

YouTube has a unique advantage to let people know about your services, and it gets across Google’s search engine metric systems. The fact that Google owns YouTube. You are getting all the advantages of Google’s search engine when you have a YouTube page. YouTube Page provides an amazing connection to your audience and lets them know about your services.


The key to branding is based on impressions. It also gives you an idea of people interested in your video based on your number of viewers. Above all, it lets potential clients see how you are through videos, allows them to recognize you as a person, and learn more about the great services and training you offer.


4- Where to find your audience.

Man thinking

Creating an Instagram and Facebook profile is great. Having a YouTube page is awesome. However, you can’t stop there. There are platforms like meetup.com where you can connect with people who are enthusiastic about fitness, wellness, and nutrition programs.

Yelp is also another powerful platform if your focus is more on the local audiences. While YouTube shows the number of viewers that are interested in what you have to say. Yelp Reviews show the reviews of people who already know about your work or services.


Even though Instagram and Facebook are great social media platforms, they have different types of audiences. That is why it is crucial to know your audience and where to find them. It will save you time, money, and reputation.


5- Know what your audience wants.

Food or workout option Infinite Creations Atlanta

For life coaches and wellness coaches, words should be measured carefully. For example, some people are driven to eat better when they know the advantages of it. And others are motivated to eat better when they know the disadvantages of eating badly. 


A marketing expert can research for you and tell you how to use the content to attract your targeted clients.

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6- The power of How to do.

How to do method - Infinite Creations Atlanta

Life coaches, fitness instructors, and wellness coaches are people we very often admire, and we want solutions from them.

When you are a life coach, fitness instructor or wellness coach tell your client “How to do” it. People are very likely going to click on your content if it starts or include the word How. 


It is vital to understand that people are coming to you because they want to learn. The word “How to do” will increase your branding and the content you are sharing. 


when you start a video, blog or speech include the word How to captivate your audience’s attention. Adding a free subscription on your website of “How to do” something, not only educates your audience but allows you to gain potential clients at the same time by gathering their contact information. Turn them into leads by using the “How to do” method.


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7- Take advantage of Google Ads.

Google Adwords - Infinite Creations Atlanta

Google is not only limited to Google’s search engine and YouTube to show relevant content to users. Google ads are displayed on more than 10 million websites giving relevant content to users.


How do Google ads work?


Let’s say your next client checks on the local gym website today. Google knows your prospectus client is interested in going to the gym. Google might not access your Facebook page or Instagram account, but Google will use your website and your ads to put the content in front of a potential client every time he/she checks on workout content.


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8- Write a blog.

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Life coaches, fitness instructors, and wellness coaches should write a blog to stay connected with their audience. Many people might not have time to watch a video on YouTube or check on Instagram, but they want information about nutrition or workout programs. That is where the blog makes the difference. It will also show your level of expertise in your field.


A blog needs to be crafted to attract the right audience and inspire them to listen to your recommendations. A blog is also an excellent SEO practice for your content, and it will increase branding.

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In summary, fitness instructors, wellness coaches, and nutrition coaches should use these 8 marketing and branding strategies to increase their leads.

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